(txna-0016) 1950s – 1960s Pueblo Dance Arm Bands



1950s – 1960s Pueblo Dance Arm Bands

  • This is a beautiful pair of 1950s – 1960s Pueblo dance arm bands.
  • They are an older pair of Pueblo dance arm bands.
  • However, they could also possibly be the cuffs that go over the ceremonial dance moccasins.
  • The twp pieces are backed with cotton and we cannot see what the embroidery is actually done on
  • The entire surface is embroidered with wool yarn in geometric designs
  • On the edge of each cuff are double 5 inches ties of cotton shoe lacing
  • They measure 11 inches long x 3 3/4 inches wide
  • Traditional Native American Items
  • Native American Textiles


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