(txna-0017) Twill Weave Sunday Saddle Blanket



Twill Weave Sunday Saddle Blanket

  • Twill Weave Sunday Saddle Blanket
  • This Is A Very Detailed Weaving Done In The Navajo Twill Style Giving Reverse Colors On Each Side.
  • The back side of the blanket will have tassels only.
  • The front end of the blanket has the continuous fringes.
  • It has long stacked tassels that makes it a sunday saddle blanket.
  • The rug itself is all Native handspun wool.
  • The front saddle fringe and tassels are all commercial wool yarn.
  • These blankets are heavy and made for their own use.
  • While this blanket is clean, there is a 1 1/2″ square worn spot that has been reinforced with machine stitching.
  • It is towards the center of the blanket.
  • The textile itself without the tassels measures 2′ 7″ long x 2′ 11″ wide.
  • With the tassels, the piece measures 3′ 4″ long.
  • Native American Textiles


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