(txna-0019) Navajo Red, Black, Grey Rug


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Navajo Red, Black, Grey Rug

  • Navajo Red, Black, Grey Rug
  • This is an intricate and small Navajo Gallup throw.
  • The little sampler rug shows a lot of skill as the geometric designs are complicated.
  • In fact, some of the banding is done in a herring bone weave.
  • The rug is done in colors of natural white, natural grey, black and maroon.
  • It is symmetrical and has all cords and tassels in place.
  • Also, there are no holes on this piece
  • The rug measures 2′ 3″ x 1′ 4 1/2″
  • Navajo textiles were and are used for blankets, sashes, rugs and saddle blankets among other things.
  • Native American Textiles


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