(txna-0021) 1930s – 1940s Navajo Rug Bandolier Bag



1930s – 1940s Navajo Rug Bandolier Bag

  • 1930s – 1940s Navajo Rug Bandolier Bag
  • This Is A Large Dance Bag To Be Used In A Navajo Yei Bei Chei Ceremony.
  • It is made of a 1940s Navajo rug fragment woven of handspun Navajo wool.
  • This is in natural colors of the red analine dye.
  • We do not know if the very light blue stripes are a vegetal or analine dye.
  • The entire bag is neatly trimmed in braintanned deer hide, all sewn with cotton cordage.
  • A great old Zuni pin is attached to the bag with deer hide thongs.
  • It is German silver with tear drop and round shapes of natural turquoise.
  • Brown and white matrix can be seen.
  • The silver work is bordered and rows are separated with twisted silver wire.
  • Outside of the silver backing is scalloped cut on which liquid silver drops accent the stones.
  • A lot of German silver (nickel silver) was used is the 1930s and 1940s.
  • This was done by the Navajos as it was more affordable than sterling.
  • A long handle of buffalo hide that can be worn across the chest is thonged onto the bag.
  • The bag has a fold over of 6 3/8″ top flap for closure.
  • The bag with its deerhide fringe, measures 21 5/8″ long x 11 3/4″ wide.
  • With the strap, the bag hangs 46 1/4″ long.
  • There are no holes on the rug textile.
  • Native American Textiles


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