(txna-0023) Rare Old Hopi Woven Manta Dress, Hopi Cotton



Rare Old Hopi Woven Manta Dress, Hopi Cotton

  • Rare Old Hopi Woven Manta Dress, Hopi Cotton
  • It Is Unusual For These Cotton Manta Dresses To Fall Into The Hands Of Private Collectors.
  • These dresses are entirely hand woven by Hopi male weavers, of whom there are only a handful of left.
  • Dresses are woven for the woman’s wedding ceremony.
  • Then they are carefully kept throughout their lifetime to be used as a burial dress.
  • The dress is entirely handspun native Hopi-grown cotton.
  • The upper two corners, which is the edge of the sleeve, has a 3 1/2″ woven pattern of mustard colored dye.
  • This ends in the peculiarly Hopi style of round tassel.
  • The center of the tassel is cornhusk as is found on the hopi rain sashes 
  • This old dress still maintains a New Mexico trading post pawn ticket.
  • Shows that the dress was pawned by a Second Mesa Hopi woman at Perry Null’s Trading Post.
  • Perry Null said it is the first one of these Hopi dresses that he has ever taken in pawn.
  • This is through his very large, well established trading post
  • The dress is a single large textile worn folded along its length and belted
  • At present, there is no stitching holding the sides together.
  • It can be opened out flat if the neck strings are opened up.
  • Folded in half, as it would be as a dress, the piece is 35″ wide (70″ if opened) x 4′ long\
  • This was not a dress for small woman
  • The cotton is in perfect condition
  • The tassels are worn and there are some use marks on the dress.
  • This would most likely come off if it was dry cleaned. But we like the use patina
  • Native American Textiles


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