(txt-0004) 1850s – 1890s Bolivian Alpaca Woman’s Cape



1850s – 1890s Bolivian Alpaca Woman’s Cape

  • 1850s – 1890s Bolivian Alpaca Woman’s Cape
  • This Wonderful, Old, Very Finely Woven Woman’s Cape, Called An “Awayo”, Was Collected In Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • It is Ex-Jeff Appleby collection, author of “Traditional Textiles Of The Andes, Life And Cloth In The Highlands”
  • The very finely woven handspun, alpaca piece is all natural dyes
  • It is faded to very soft hues and was worn and washed in stream beds many times over its lifetime
  • For its age, I would say it is in good condition with no holes and only a few darkened wear spots on the red fields
  • Closeups of the piece can be seen by clicking on the title
  • The piece is woven on a backstrap loom in two segments and carefully stitched together down the center.
  • Then it is bound with a tiny alpaca strap weaving all the way around the textile
  • Measures 2′ x 3′ 1″
  • Tribal Textiles


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