(txt-0011) 1850s – 1880s Alpaca Skirt


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1850s – 1880s Alpaca Skirt

  • 1850s – 1880s Alpaca Skirt
  • This Is A Lustrous, Finely Woven, Indian Woman’s Apron Skirt Called An “Aksu”
    – It is all natural dyes and shows designs of flowers on vines
    – It was collected in Southern Potosi, Bolivia
    – It is Ex-Jeff Appleby collection, author of “Traditional Textiles Of The Andes, Life And Cloth In The Highlands”
    – The condition of this piece is amazing with only moderate fading and no holes or repairs to the body of the textile
    – There is 2 1/2″ section of edging cordage missing in the middle of one of the edges
    – It measures 4′ 3 1/2″ x 3′ 4″
    – Tribal Textiles


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