(vc-0002) Plains Vintage Capote Long Jacket



Plains Vintage Capote Long Jacket

  • A Classic Plains Vintage Capote Long Jacket Usually Made Of A Woolen Trade Blanket.
  • In Vogue In Fur Trade Times And Sometimes Still Seen Among Indian People Today.
  • This Hooded Style Of Wool Jacket With Long Tails attached To The Center Of The Hood.
  • It Allowed A Person To Cover Their Head And tie The Tails Across The Face As An Ascot In Icy Weather.
  • This great old capote is entirely handsewn with heavy cotton cordage.
  • It is red and navy blue wool English stroud cloth preferred by the plains Indians with the white selvage edge.
  • Wool was a major trade item.
  • This was both during the Fur Trade era and later through the established trading post.
  • The jacket body is lined with saffron linen and the sleeves are lined with green linen lining
  • Blue stroud cloth edges the front opening of the jacket/coat.
  • This is in both the front and back of the lapels to the hem.

  • It is handstitched onto the jacket with 1/4″ metal brass sequins, another Fur Trade item.
  • This 2″ trim is then pinked, both front and back into 1″ fringes.
  • From the shoulder seams hang generous 7 1/2″ epaulets of blue stroud cloth with white selvage edge
  • The top of the hood is folded and fringed with the red stroud cloth.
  • It is ringed with 17 old brass buttons attached with braintanned buckskin.
  • From the center of the hood hangs blue stroud cloth fringe.
  • There is also an expertly executed Crow beaded drop.
  • This measures 20″ long including its fringe x 3 1/4″ wide
  • This drop is on heavy braintanned buckskin beaded with glass trade beads in lazy stitch.
  • Along its sides is red cotton with a double row of white beads edge stitched
  • Entire jacket shows honest use and has three small holes on the lining and seven small spots of moth bites.
  • Jacket has been stabilized and could be gently worn, though it is a wonderful hanging artifact
  • The jacket is medium – large and measures 35″ long from shoulder seam to hem
  • Jacket is a drop-sleeve style. Sleeves measure 27″ long from neck opening to the hem of sleeve
  • Under arms across the back it measures 24″


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