(vc-0010) Vintage Charro Handmade Coat


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Vintage Charro Handmade Coat

  • Vintage Charro Handmade Coat
  • This Is A Boy’s Mexican Riding Coat Made Of Soft Hand Tanned Leather That Feels Like Deer Hide.
  • It has great detail in its construction.
  • As can be seen, there are many overlays hand-scalloped on both sides and hand sewn with cotton cordage.
  • The bottom hem, epaulets, and sleeve cuffs are all scalloped with each scallop being individually scalloped with tiny cuts.
  • Coat is welted on all seams.
  • The back yoke is very elaborate and extends to the center cut and all the way to the hem of the jacket on both sides of the split.
  • The split and neck are wrapped with a piece of leather.
  • There is a very small amount of machine stitching only evident on the back yoke.
  • Every thing else appears to be done by hand.
  • The coat has long fringed tie thongs at its neck, otherwise it hangs open down the front.
  • An extreme amount of work went into making this boy’s jacket.
  • It measures 19″ across the back x the sleeves are 20″ long.
  • The jacket is 3′ 10″ long.
  • Vintage Clothing


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