(vc-0014) Crow Bead Powwow Dress


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A Classic Crow Bead Powwow Dress With A Straight Hem Line And Opened Sleeves And Distinctive Neck Beading

  • Crow Bead Powwow Dress
  • Dress is made of a lightweight navy blue wool with red wool overlaid on the neck, sleeves and hem
  • The “V” overlay neckline, which symbolizes the old shape of a buckskin hide dress is outlined in beadwork, both front and back
  • Front of the neck has four lines of matching beadwork running diagonally across it.
  • The back of the dress does not have these lines, just the outline
  • Sleeves of the dress are not sewed shut on the inside of the sleeve.
  • This represents the earlier camp style dress, again patterned after the old buckskin dresses
  • Hem has a slit on both sides measuring four and a half inches, the length of the red wool
  • The dress has been machine sewn
  • It would fit a medium sized woman
  • It measures 42″ in length
  • Under the arms, both across the front and back, it measures 21 1/2″ totally43″ around
  • The sleeves measure 18″ long
  • No holes and all the beadwork is tight and in perfect condition
  • Native American Beadwork
  • Vintage Clothing


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