(vc-0019) 1930s – 1940s Navajo Blouse, Vintage Pins



1930s – 1940s Navajo Blouse, Vintage Pins

  • 1930s – 1940s Navajo Blouse, Vintage Pins
  • An Amazing Old Navajo Velvet Blouse With Many Plaquettes Across The Yoke And Well Worn Flowered Calico Cotton As A Lining
  • This heirloom blouse has seen much use and has many stories to tell
  • As to be expected with a blouse of this age there are no button or button holes down the front or on the sleeves
  • The sleeves are pinned together at the cuff with beautiful old Zuni concho button pins.
  • These are very small rounds of turquoise and liquid silver drops.
  • At their center is a four directional figure in the tiny set turquoise stones
  • These pins are 7/8″ in diameter with handmade bezels and twisted silver wire. They are sterling

  • Closing the blouse down its front are four older German silver Navajo pins, only the top of which has turquoise
  • Top pin is the classic bow shape, heavily stamped with a deep blue piece of turquoise
  • Other three pins are hand cut German silver and are both repousse and stamped
  • Butterfly shaped pin also has ten liquid silver drops embellishing the center
  • The blouse was purchased at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation
  • Fits a small woman
  • It is 16″ across the front
  • From the shoulder, the length is 22″
  • Sleeve length is 20″ long
  • It is worn but a good example of the old vanished era of Navajo dress
  • Vintage Clothing


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