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Santa Barbara Retablo

  • Santa Barbara Retablo
  • The Original Of This Image Is In The Taylor Museum In Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • It is a late 1800s style New Mexico santero retablo of Santa Barbara.
  • Her attributes, feathers in the hair, and the castle in which she was imprisoned are clearly evident.
  • This is a 1980s museum reproduction by Steven Curtis using Gesso and pigment on board.
  • Curtis resided in Ramah, New Mexico and Toquerville, Utah.
  • As the originals of these 1600s – 1800s were not signed, Curtis chose not to sign his retablo works.
  • The board on which the painting is made is an old piece of barnwood with a knot hole and three old nail holes.
  • A lot of the early New Mexican paintings were painted on wood discarded by Spanish colonial carpenters.
  • This board is attached to two other pieces of barnwood.
  • It is then fitted into an ornate late 1800s gilded frame so the piece is heavy and about 3″ thick.
  • The outer painted board is 13 1/2″ wide x 15″ long.
  • The frame is 20″ wide x 24″ tall.
  • Wall Art


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