(wc-0003) Pointy-Toed Red Crocodile Boots



These Are Very Pointy-Toed Red Crocodile Boots

  • Very Pointy-Toed Red Crocodile Boots
  • We are not sure what size these are but they are 13″ front the toe to the back of the heel
  • The sole is pegged with a brand new leather sole and measures 4 1/4 inch wide
  • Flat heel is new and is vibram
  • The boot has pull tabs with overlaid crocodile skin
  • Front of the boot has a cutout of a scorpion inlaid with crocodile skin
  • The back of the boot has an embroidered yellow and brown scorpion
  • The boots are 14 inch tall and in very nice condition
  • Western Collectibles


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