(wc-0004) Buffalo Hide Tipi Bag, Beaded Rosette



This Is An Old Kiowa Buffalo Hide Tipi Bag, Beaded Rosette. It Is Constructed Of Wide Fringe And A Carrying/Tie Strap Of Nicely Tanned Buckskin Left White And Is Not Smoked

  • Buffalo Hide Tipi Bag, Beaded Rosette
  • A willow stick is threaded through the top back edge of the back to keep its form and folding in half
  • A 2″ beaded rosette with edge stitching decorates the center of the flap of the bag
  • These bags were not traditionally used as purses.
  • They were hung on the liner rope inside the tipi with a variety of personal gear stashed inside it.
  • The piece is still supple and could be worn as a purse without damaging it
  • The bag itself is 15 1/2″ wide x 8″ tall
  • With handle and fringe, it measures 3′ 7″ long
  • The fur is in good condition and is not shedding
  • Native American Beadwork
  • Western Collectibles


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