(wc-0012) 1920s Lakota Horse Martingale



This 1920s Lakota Horse Martingale, Which Decorates The Chest Of A Horse During Horse Parade Ceremonies, Is Made From An Original Late 1800s Horse Collar That Is Heavily Brass Studded

  • 1920s Lakota Horse Martingale
  • Running the length of one side of this collar are elk dew-claws strung brain tanned leather thongs that jingle when struck together.
  • They are sometimes called Indian bells
  • Attached to the hooks of this collar is a large piece of thick chrome-tanned piece of smoked buffalo or elk hide that would hang on the chest of the horse
  • On the chest panel is a large porcupine quilled rosette of an eagle outlined in natural red ocher
  • Down the sides of the panel hang deer dew-claw drops which also act as bells.
  • These are interspersed with eight very old English copper coins and three seed and bugle bead tassels
  • Victorian silk ribbon and braintanned buckskin are used to tie everything along the edges
  • According to the former owner’s information, the piece dates back to about the 1920s
  • From top to bottom as shown, the piece measures 4′ 3″
  • The brass studded collar piece measures 3″ wide
  • Buckskin chest panel measures 20″ to the bottom of the central beaded tassel x 10″ wide
  • The amazing quilled rosette measures 6 3/4″ in diameter
  • Western Collectibles


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