(wc-0019) Etched Rawhide Quilled Knife Sheath



Original Late 1800s Etched Rawhide Quilled Knife Sheath In A Museum Reproduction Crow Knife Sheath

  • Etched Rawhide Quilled Knife Sheath
  • Simple 2 pin wood handled carbon steel bladed skinning knife
  • Knife is 11 5/8″ long
  • Rawhide sheath is blood etched rawhide
  • Bound with heavy sinew
  • Buckskin braintanned overlaid top is edged in glass trade beads and 1 line of blue and white lazy stitch
  • 3 rows of quillwork are a 7-row woven stitch technique very rarely seen, done today by only a few very advanced quill workers
  • Back of sheath is simply blood painted with no design
  • Sheath length is 9″ long x 3 1/2″ wide
  • Overall length with trade knife is 12″ long
  • This style of knife sheath was intended to be tucked into the wearer’s belt
  • Western Collectibles


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