(wc-0024) Fabulous Retablo Painting Circa 1948



Fabulous Retablo Painting Circa 1948

  • Fabulous Retablo Painting Circa 1948
  • This Wonderful Ex-Votive Retablo Offering Is To Our Lady San Juan De Lagos And Dated 3, May 1948
  • It is oil painting on tin and is a great Mexican folk art rendition of family life
  • The text, though hard to read, has been translated for us as (Clotilde Rios was ill with epitencia. Returning to her village together with her daughter, she felt she had an attack coming on. With much affection, she commanded herself to O.L. of San Juan de Los Lagos so that she would not be affected. The Madonna, with great kindness, heard her prayer and nothing happened so that they were able to get to the village. In thankfulness Clotilde offers this retablo to San Juan de Los Lagos. 3, May 1948)
  • The piece is pierced and hung with a leather strap
  • It measures 11 1/2″ x 10 1/4″ and has nice patina


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