Orders for items will be shipped within 7 days of confirmation that we have not sold the item. Confirmation is based on having made contact with you and determining that the piece is available. On receiving your email, we will put a temporary hold on the item for a 7 day waiting period until confirmation is made. We only ship within the U.S.

The costs for Shipping and Insuring items will be assessed and emailed to you. These costs can be paid by calling Frontier Plunder Antiques with a credit card number at 435.772.3045. We do not charge for handling items, just what the post office, UPS, or Fed Ex charges us.

If the package is shipped out of the state of Utah, no sales tax will be applied to the purchase.

*If we are off hunting for treasure, we will post a date for resuming business.

**We ship Fed Ex and USPS and insure for the full value of the items.